———————————————————— CONSULTING ———————————————————————————

If you've ever worked with a consultant before, you won't be surprised to know that our process includes a number of steps: setting objectives, doing discovery work, going though an invention phase, refining and synthesizing the concepts developed, and planning and executing a launch phase. No surprise there. Where we differ (we hope) is in the details:

a focus on innovation—using divergent perspectives,
seeming disconnects, and a lot of tools
for creativity and problem-solving
that integrate both the analytical
and the playful

a highly client-focused customization of the phases,
with strong attention to client culture

an inclusive approach that values both the expertise
of key stakeholders and the apparent naiveté
of outsiders (and everyone in between)

taking the client and the goals seriously, but not the buzzwords or mystique of consulting

Get in touch and we'll talk about your needs.

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