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performance documentation A perpetual challenge in documenting performance and process-based work is the temporal and spatial stabilization of what was a dynamic, real-time, real-space moment. Nonetheless, words and images and PDFs do help show some of what happened...

» performance work, 2011–17


I interpret gastronomy variously, starting with the word's etymological roots and early history, and moving through the many implications that ecosophy brings to dealing with food. It is a view that takes gastronomy not as a field or a subject, but as an approach to food, or a way of describing food-system dynamics, a way of thinking-doing with food that embraces complexity. This kind of lens reveals the inherent multiplicity of our food realities and the interconnections between them, and may help to de-silo some of the ways in which food is currently practiced.

» Dissertation Dinner
» A Tranche of Berlin
» The Meal of Montreal
» Performing Gastronomy (CAFS 2012 Exploration Gallery)
» Lebanese Takeaways (CAFS 2012 Exploration Gallery)

performativity, collaborative assemblages

From linguistics to anthropology to cultural studies to science and technology studies, performativity is a notion that I believe has great relevance for food. A product, a dish, a meal are all more than just food-objects: they are temporal-spatial manifestations in the here and now that represent a snapshot of some vastly extended assemblage of many different actants—people, plants, and animals, but also processes and discourses, economic patterns and transportation routes. Seeing what has been obscured by our food structures is what the performative interpretation can bring.

» Orchestrer la perte/Perpetual Demotion (text) (video)
» Displace (Mediations of Sensation)
» The Chopping Block Lounge
» CAFS 2012 Exploration Gallery Catalog

intersubjectivity, intra-action

Emerging from the idea of performance, a view of both inter- and intra- behaviours between food and people poses the question: Do we make food, or does food make us? If the answer is 'both' then it becomes necessary to rupture the subject-object relationship we've developed with our vittles, and act with a more fluid, co-constitutive awareness.

» Stick it in Our Mouths: Towards Food Co-Authoring

cocktails and identity

Molotov, shrimp, drug, virgin, weiners. People. Québec. A mixture that is greater than the sum of its parts, balanced, linked to classical tastes, but also subject to highly personal interpretations. Bibito ergo sum?

» Je me resouviendrai : 52 Cocktails of/du Québec

ecologies, form and transformation



Matter and energy are neither created nor destroyed, they simply change state. When examining the food 'chain,' I believe that viewing the transformations through which food passes is more informative that discussing such dualities as production and consumption. An ecologies approach to food helps see when and whether boundaries between these states are useful or relevant, and to what extent we need to view food as a continual flow of energy-matter transformations.

» Orchestrer la perte/Perpetual Demotion
» Recent works in ceramics