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More Stories of Eco-Gastronomy
Westmount Public Library, Montreal, 2017

In Memory's Kitchen
Hamline University, St. Paul (MN), 2016

Stories of Eco-Gastronomy
Terra Madre/Salone del Gusto, Torino, 2016

Where Où Firma?
Salon Merlimau, Singapore, 2016

The Gastronome in You
Capital Fringe, Washington DC, 2015

Hexa_Out 9: Consuming Life
Hexagram-CIAM, Montreal, 2014

Rethinking Food: Slow, Thoughtful, and Delicious
Westmount Public Library, Montreal, 2013

La bibliothèque humaine
Westmount Public Library, Montreal, 2012

The Ecologies of Taste
TodaysArt Festival, The Hague, 2012

UNISG Study Trip
Le Devoir, Montreal, 2011

Slow Food and Eating Locally
CTV News, Montreal, 2010

Un pays, une culture (Italie)
Radio-Canada Vancouver, 2010