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"High and Dry in Quito"
"Seagull Eggs & Whale Meat"
"Open Wide and Say Aah (and Mmm)"
"The Power of a Diverse Diet"
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"Je me resouviendrai: 52 Cocktails of/du Québec"

Chapters and Articles

"Touring Taste and Place: A Performance of Terroir, Tongues, and Taters." In Foodscapes: Food, Space, and Place in a Global Society. (Peter Lang)
"Scripts and Improvisations in Food Practice." With Josh Evans. In Proceedings from the 21st Symposium of Australian Gastronomy.
"Performing With(in) Food." In The Handbook of Food and Popular Culture. (Bloomsbury)
"Blurred, Broken, and Bewildered: What Performing with Food does with the Lines Around Performance and Food Studies." In/Tensions 9.0.
"The Performative Meal: Boulevard St-Laurent and a Tranche of Berlin." In L'Œuvre culinaire. Art de cuisiner et cuisines d'artistes. (Éditions Le Manuscrit)
"Stirring the Pot: The Performativities of Making Food Texts." With Carmen Wong & Jennifer Brady. In Conversations in Food Studies. (UMP)
"Visual Methods for Collaborative Food System Work.” With Valentine Cadieux, Charles Levkoe, and Phil Mount. In Conversations in Food Studies. (UMP)
"Eater/Eaten: What Revolves Around Who?" Dublin Institute of Technology.
"Is It Hot in Here, or Is It Just Me? On Being an Emotional Academic." Canadian Food Studies / La Revue canadienne des etudes sur l’alimentation 3:1.
"Making a Meal of It: Appending ‘Reporting’ to Research-Creation." Media-N 11:3.
"Borders, Boundaries, and Becoming Food Studies: Looking Back, Pushing Forward." With Jennifer Brady and Charles Levkoe. Canadian Food Studies 2:1.
"A Meal of Berlin." In DesignCities : Berlin. ( DesignInquiry)
"Les iterations d'un patrimoine alimenatire : le Québec N+1" In Gastronomie québécoise et patrimoine (PUQ)

Review Articles "Coffee Culture" (by Catherine M. Tucker)
(by Diane Bisson)
"The Heirloom Tomato" (by Amy Goldman)
Other Stuff Performing Gastronomy: An Ecosophic Engagement with the Liveliness of Food. (PhD dissertation)
Tasting Notes: What's that in Your Mouth

Les itérations d'un patrimoine alimentaire : le Québec N+1
You Spin Me Round: Common Variables of Conversion and
Performative Food Settings

Stick it in Our Mouths: Towards a Performative Co-authoring of Food
The Chopping Block Lounge
Collaboration and Decentralization in Networked Food Activism:
Slow Food International, Slow Food USA, and the Youth Food Movement